About SHNE

Development History

With the great support of shareholders, strategic layout of the board of directors of the Company, and efforts and the unity of management and the team, the Company has enjoyed rapid growth since 2015 and developed itself into a professional new energy enterprise with an aggregate on-grid and installed capacity of over 3,500MW.


  • Upon SHHG becoming the controlling shareholder, injecting a total of approximately HK$4.7 billion, the Company was renamed as "Shandong Hi-Speed New Energy Group Limited".


  • Officially commenced the construction of the first grid parity project and the Group’s aggregate capacity of the grid-connected, under-construction and approved-to-construct grid parity projects reached over 500MW
  • The Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SF Group to promote in-depth cooperation in multiple areas such as clean energy and smart logistics
  • Successfully completed the first phase of the joint cooperation projects with Deutsche Asset Management in the distributed photovoltaic businesses area
  • The wind power plant projects of the Company were rated Grade 5A Enterprise by China Electricity Council
  • The Company was appointed as the Secretariat for Carbon Neutrality Sub-committee under the Power & Energy Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (“IEEE PES”)


  • An investment framework agreement entered into between the Company and 中國江西省萬年縣人民政府 (The Wannian County People's Government, Jiangxi Province*), with the total capacity of approximately 500MW for those potential development projects
  • With the further recognition from the capital market, the Group completed the second tranche of strategic capital investment of RMB400 million from Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. ("Ping An") and China International Capital Corporation Limited (as referred by Ping An) in 2020
  • The Group successfully issued RMB900 million of green corporate bonds


  • The Group received a strategic capital investment of 600 million from the Ping An Entities
  • The Company was awarded as one of the "Outstanding Fixed Income Product Issuers" by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Perpetual Capital Instrument with a principal amount of RMB1,000 million was issued in 2018. It was the first corporate green panda perpetual capital instrument issued in the PRC
  • Successfully obtained a syndicated loan of amount of HK$3 billion jointly arranged and led by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and DBS Bank Ltd.
  • Successfully issued RMB500 million of green corporate bonds
  • The Company won awards from the committee of China International Energy Storage Conference and China Energy Storage Web:
  • 2019 China Energy Storage Industry Best Integrated Energy Service Providers Award
  • 2019 China Energy Storage Industry Best Design Institutions Award
  • 2019 China Energy Storage Industry Most Influential Enterprises Award
  • The Company also won award from the committee of Energy Storage International Conference:
  • 10 Best Energy Storage Project Operators of 2019


  • Completion of the disposal of the Company’s cigarette packaging business which turned the Company to be a listed company fully focusing on clean energy businesses.
  • In the third batch of the Top Runner Program, the Company won the bids for three projects with a total installed capacity of 345MW, ranking the third among all bid winners. (1)
  • The first overseas photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 6 MW in Australia was constructed.
  • Note 1 : Based on the scale awarded to single entity

  • The Group's energy storage technology has been well recognised by the industry. The energy storage project in Tibet, which is the world's highest-altitude commercial energy storage project, was awarded as the “Top 10 Models of Energy Storage Application and Innovation in 2018”. The Company also won several awards at the 8th China International Energy Storage Conference:
  • 2018 China Energy Storage Industry Best Photovoltaic Storage Integration Solution Award
  • 2018 China Energy Storage Industry Best System Integration Solution Supplier Award
  • 2018 China Energy Storage Industry Best Design Institution Award


  • The Company raised approximately HK$1.3 billion through equity financing for business development, the capital structure is further improved.
  • The world's highest-altitude photovoltaic energy storage project in Tibet Autonomous Region of China with a capacity of 20MWh was constructed.


  • Tus-Holdings was introduced as a strategic investor. Tus-Holdings injected additional capital of approximately HK$700 million to the Company.
  • The first self-developed photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 50MW was constructed in Yu County, Hebei Province.
  • In the second batch of the Top Runner Program, the Company won the bids for four projects with a total installed capacity of 300MW.
  • The first wind power project with an installed capacity of 48MW in Binzhou, Shandong Province was acquired.
  • 2016 China Energy Dark Horse Award
  • The distributed photovoltaic installation technology of Jiacheng Sewage Treatment Plant won the 2016 Gold Award of Best BAPV Installation Technology for Distributed Photovoltaic Application Innovation.
  • The technology of the combination of new brackets and water plant won the 2016 Top Runner PV Technology Innovation Contribution Award.


  • Upon BEWG and CITIC's private equity funds became its shareholders, the Company was renamed as "Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited" with an aim to develop as a leading integrated clean energy service provider in China.
  • The two major shareholders and other investors injected a total of approximately HK$3.7 billion to enable the Company sufficient capital.